Meet the Team

Our Team Features a Diverse Set of Expertise
and Decades of Experience

Gary Pace, Ph.D., J.D.
Scott McGinnis
VP of Sales
Kap Kumar, Ph.D., MBA
VP of Strategic Marketing
Aaron Kennington, M.S.
VP of Product Development
Jessica Hartman, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Product Applications
Lisa Birkby
Director of Marketing
Rob McClellan, M.S.
Director of Software Systems
Steven Gebhart, Ph.D.
Director of Engineering
Scott McMenemy
Sales Leader, North America
Brandon Thompson, Ph.D.
Senior Product Development Engineer
Allysa Stern, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Product Applications
Lindsey Kuehm, Ph.D.
Field Application Scientist
Emmalie Schoepke, Ph.D.
Field Application Scientist
Will Smith
Production Associate
Joanna Dobson, M.S.
Research Associate
Lexi Land, B.S.
Research Associate
Matthew Mintz, B.S.
Research Associate
Cole Peeler, M.S.
Research Associate
Shante Wilcox, B.S.
Manufacturing Lead
Ryan Rubin, B.S.
Senior Field Service Engineer
Matt McClellan, B.S.
Software Engineer
Keith Williams, M.S.
Software Engineer
Caleb Fleming, B.S.
Research and Development Design Engineer
Emily Waters, B.S.
Administrative Lead