Cellular Analysis

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Cell Microsystems provides laboratory services for a diverse range of shear flow applications. Our Lab Services programs enables you to get results quickly and efficiently using Cell Microsystems’ state-of-the-art technology and laboratory facilities. You design the study, we complete the assay, you get the data…it’s that simple.

Recent Projects

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Assays Across Many Fields

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antimicrobial screening, biofilm formation, & host-pathogen interactions

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thrombosis, platelet activity, & atherosclerosis models



immune cell analysis, wound healing, & rheumatology



CTC activity, metastasis, & tumor microenvironment

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Why Use Our Lab Services

Your samples or ours…

Studies can be run with samples that you provide (whole blood, bacterial strains, etc.). Clients can arrange for their own samples to be sent to our labs for the experiments, or Cell Microsystems can acquire samples to your specifications from our network of sample sources.


Endless imaging and analysis possibilities

With our Montage Plus Cell Analysis software, multiple data points can be collected through live cell assays or endpoint assays. The software synchronizes with the BioFlux experiment to provide automated image acquisition and advanced hardware control.

We've got you covered.

Whether this is your first assay of this kind, or you’ve run numerous projects in this field, you’ll appreciate the flexibility our service model provides. No capital costs, no equipment training, and no operators required. Just contact us to request a proposal, and we’ll help you design a study that meets your study endpoints and budget.