CellRaft AIR® System

More Information Per Cell

Providing more efficient single cell workflows, including clonal colony propagation, by combining imaging, identifying, and isolating in one instrument with no minimum sample size requirement.

Know the quality of your cells and choose the best ones to isolate.

Simple, hands-free, and effective for:

  • Tracking cell phenotypes
  • Data rich time course imaging
  • Small, precious, or fragile samples
  • Challenging genomic and CRISPR workflows
  • On-array functional assays

Learn more about using the AIR System for CRISPRStem CellsOrganoids, and Genomics research.

A Simple Workflow

 Cells are plated on the CytoSort® Array similarly to a standard tissue culture dish and loaded into the AIR System’s platform.

Using the AIR System’s three-channel fluorescence plus brightfield microscope, cells are imaged and sorted through user navigation or via user-defined thresholds, filtering, and gating.

Once selected, each cell is transferred to a standard 96-well PCR or culture plate and is ready for downstream analysis


Inside our System

Take a deeper dive into how the CellRaft AIR System works.

Features of the AIR System

High-quality system without the high capital cost

  • Increased viability
  • Detailed cell images
  • Tracking over time
  • Matching cell images to a specific collection location



  • Rare cell sorting capabilities 
  • Image 40,000 wells in <10min
  • Isolate target cells in <60min

Ideal Cell Types

  • Stem cells (including iPSCs)
  • Fragile cells
  • Primary cells
  • Rare cells
  • Adherent and non-adherent cells
  • Co-Cultures
  • Small sample sizes
    • Human biopsies
    • Fine needle aspirates


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