CellRaft® Arrays

More Viable Cells. Unperturbed Phenotypes. Better Clonal Propagation.

Plate your cells, image your cells, choose your best cells, and isolate them all on one consumable. Drive down the cost per result with more efficient workflows and better downstream results.
The CellRaft AIR® Technology used in our CellRaft Arrays gently sorts your cells, increasing viability and resulting in less perturbed phenotypes, compared to traditional methods.

Available in six different formats to optimize specific application workflows and outcomes.

CellRaft Size
40,000 Cell Rafts
Monoclonal colonies for 293T; HT29; Jurkat; PC3; PC9; PC12 plus additional cell types.
25,600 Cell Rafts
Allows to test and optimize transfection and engineering vectors, protocols; media conditions; supplements; seeding density, etc.
10,000 Cell Rafts
iPSCs reprogramming, engineering and development; CHO; 3T3; HOS; LLC plus additional cell types.
6,400 Cell Rafts
iPSC culture optimization.
2,114 Cell Rafts
3D Biology; Used for organoid workflow. Development and differentiation of iPSCs into organoids.
Not Applicable