Microscope Accessory

CellRaft System for Inverted Microscopes

For scientists who do not have access to an CellRaft AIR® system, we offer an approach to use the CytoSort® Array manually.

We developed an accessory device that can fit a standard inverted microscope. Users can use the microscope to view their cells on the arrays, manually release individual CellRafts and manually collect/deposit those CellRafts into standard multiwell plates or PCR tubes.


Accessory Device for Inverted Microscopes

The accessory device is designed to fit a range of microscope models with differing objective diameters.  After fitting over the objective, the device is connected to a control unit. With the push of a button, the user actuates a needle to release an individual CellRaft from the CytoSort Array.

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  1. The Motorized Release Device
  2. Remove any stage inserts to access the objective
  3. Feed the cable through the stage opening.
  4. Place the Motorized Release Device over the objective, positioning it as far down the objective as possible.
  5. Holding the base of the Motorized Release Device with one hand, rotate the tightening right clockwise with the other hand to clamp the release device to the microscope objective.
  6. Remove the cap of the Motorized Release Device by sliding it vertically to avoid damage to the release needle underneath.


See the User Manual for more details 


Based on your microscope brand, model, and objectives, we will work with you to ensure compatibility.

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