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Enter to be selected for the Clone Challenge Giveaway and we will grow colonies for you!

Having challenges growing single cells into colonies? Enter for a chance to have our scientists grow clones from single cells for you, using your cells. We are confident that our technology can grow colonies, even from difficult cell lines.  

Success Stories

A researcher recently reached out to us after hearing about our technology. He had been unable to generate even a single clone in a year from the cell line he was using. We used the CellRaft® technology to generate over a hundred single cell clones. We provided him with 10 clones to test, and in two weeks, he confirmed that he had a prized double-positive clone.


See Success Stories from the 2023 Clone Challenge!


How Your Cells Can Become a Success Story

We will select up to five applicants to send us their cells, giving them access to our application team’s expertise to help grow the clones needed.  We will use CellRaft® technology to seed the cells, culture them, and image over time the monoclonal colonies as they grow from single cells.  Clones that match the desired image-based phenotypic characteristics will be selected and gently isolated using our automated CellRaft AIR® System. We will then expand and ship the clones back to the selected applicants.

Selected applicants will receive: 

  • 5 verified clones of the desired phenotype 
  • Complete imaging record in brightfield and/or fluorescence 
  • Full data report on single cell clone formation and colony outgrowth 

Application Details

To apply, submit the confidential form and include a 300-word abstract that describes your research, the challenges you are having, and how having the right clone will impact your research.  

Application Deadline: June 14, 2024


The program is subject to the Clone Challenge Giveaway Program Terms and Conditions  which contains eligibility restrictions. No purchase is necessary to enter; void where prohibited.  

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