COVID-19 Research

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Use the BioFlux system to research thrombolytic effects of COVID-19 and potential treatments

COVID-19 has been shown to cause a range of responses, including adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. Some patients have an inflammatory response that may trigger thrombosis, and there is a high incidence for those with severe illness. Additionally, COVID-19 vaccines have caused vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia in some patients.

The BioFlux system is the ideal platform to assess the effect of COVID-19 and its vaccines on platelet function. The system acts as an “artery on a chip” that precisely controls the cell micro-environment to mimic conditions in the human body, providing control over temperature, gas composition, flow, and shear stress. And it’s microfluidic format is format allows multiple conditions to be tested from a single blood sample- as little as 20uL per condition.

COVID-19 research example: The BioFlux system was used to test platelet aggregation from blood samples of COVID-19 patients, demonstrating that treatment with iloprost reduced clot formation. The small volumes required for a BioFlux platelet aggregation assay allowed multiple conditions to be tested from a single blood sample.

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From: Zlamal J et al. Upregulation of cAMP prevents antibody-mediated thrombus formation in COVID-19. Blood Adv. 2022 Jan 11;6(1):248-258.

Key Bioflux Advantages For COVID-19 Research