Automated Patch Clamp

IonFlux Mercury HT

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Most Affordable High Throughput Automated Patch Clamp on the Market

Flexible Ion Channel Assays in 384 well plates

The IonFlux Mercury HT takes all the technology of the IonFlux Mercury 16 and multiplies the throughput by 4. With 64 amplifiers, continuous flow and extremely flexible liquid exchange, the IonFlux Mercury HT can sometimes be the only means to achieve higher throughput with extremely complicated flow-dependent ion channel assays. Using 384 well plates with integrated microfluidics, IonFlux HT can deliver a complete experiment with a few µl of compound usage. With the included liquid handling robot for plate preparation and compound dilution, IonFlux Mercury HT is the complete solution for lead to data for ligand gated and voltage gated ion channel assays.
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2500 Data points per hour

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IonFlux Mercury Plates
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IonFlux Mercury Software
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IonFlux Liquid Handling
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Customer Spotlight

Potentiation of GABA receptors and idiopatic hypersomnia

IonFlux Mercury HT was recently used in a recent study correlating the existence of naturally occurring positive allosteric modulators of GABAA receptors in extracted cerebrospinal fluid of idiopathic hypersomnia patients.