IonFlux Operations

IonFlux Software

Flexible, integrated, and advanced built-in software

Touch Screen Simplicity

IonFlux Mercury 16 and HT have integrated touch screens with specialized software to facilitate the daily operation of the system. It is designed with simplicity in mind allowing any lab personal to operate the system.

As data is recorded, current vs time (IT) plots and automatically generated (live) using predefined cursors.

touch screen
Main Software

Simplified Assay Development

Assay development is done using an extensive graphical interface providing all the tools to build complicated experiments.

Once the assay is developed, it is saved as a script and either loaded locally or sent remotely to the system for execution. Live data recording can be monitored locally or remotely. 

Extensive Data Analysis

Prerecorded data files can be initially analyzed with the included IonFlux Data Analysis software. Current vs time (IT) or voltage (IV) values are plotted automatically based on operator defined cursor ranges. Analysis can be structured into templates to facilitate measurements of IC50/EC50 and Z Prime values. 


An IT plot HEK hERG peak currents from different cells.