Development of Monoclonal Cell Lines - Available Technologies and Overcoming Challenges

Discover what impacts the viability and survival rate of your clones.

This white paper provides an overview of current methods for creating monoclonal lines from single cells (including limiting dilution, fluidic dispensing, flow cytometry, and cell sorting) and discusses the challenges and tips on how to overcome them.

Includes comparison of technologies, price, and scientific workflow as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method for the benefit of your analysis and decision making.

The differences in technologies, cost, workflow and sample requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
The impact of using cell sorting and fluidic dispensing in cell viability and cell health impacting outgrowth efficiency and number of clones produced.
The technologies that allow for flask-like culture conditions to identify, select, isolate, and nurture highly viable clones with outgrowth efficiency above 90%.

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