News Item: Cell Microsystems Announces First Commercial Sale of Automated AIR™ System for Single Cell Imaging, Sorting and Isolatio

Cell Microsystems announced today the first commercial sale of its automated AIR™ System for the imaging, sorting and isolation of single cells and small colonies. Albert Einstein College of Medicine investigator Jan Vijg, PhD, acquired the system as a component of Einstein’s already extensive core facilities and their recent foray into single cell genomic technology. The AIR™ System is based on the core CellRaft™ Technology which allows single cells to be cultured in an array of thousands of microwells contained in the proprietary CellRaft™ Array consumable. After imaging each cell using the system’s 3-channel fluorescence and brightfield capabilities, users can select cells for subsequent isolation and downstream molecular analysis or culture of clonal colonies. The system is generally utilized by researchers focused on single cell genomic analysis or genome editing methods such as CRISPR.

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