News Item: Fluxion Announces the Release of IonFlux Classic, the Most Affordable Automated Patch Clamp on the Market

Alameda, CA – Fluxion Biosciences just launched the IonFlux Classic system, a fully automated and affordable patch clamp system. This system complements Fluxion’s other family of automated patch clamp technology, the IonFlux Mercury.

IonFlux Classic 16 constitutes the ultimate goal for patch clamp automation: to combine high throughput recordings from 16 independent and parallel recordings in a highly affordable package that will cost less than a good manual patch clamp rig. Based on the well established IonFlux technology, known for its fluidic control and continuous flow as well as high quality Giga-seals with no seal enhancers, IonFlux Classic 16 allows any laboratory to add automation to their patch clamp recordings with little effort.

Similar to the IonFlux Mercury 16, the IonFlux Classic 16 has unique in-plate liquid handling, continuous solution flow, 16 unique recordings per plate, and impeccable ligand and voltage gated assay capabilities. The system differentiates itself from IonFlux Mercury 16 in increased affordability accomplished by ease of installation and connectivity. The system can be readily installed and setup by users using step-by-step instructions, and researchers can use any capable computer to operate the system.

IonFlux Classic 16 is the perfect fit for small to medium size laboratories with an immediate need for drug discovery. For labs without a manual patch clamp, this system will allow researchers to test compounds against ion channel targets with the ease of use of a plate reader. For labs with a manual rig, this system will complement and enhance the throughput of the current research being done.