We’ve updated our software!

Cell Microsystems is committed to a continuous cycle of improvements for its products, and software is no exception.  Here we announce updates and new features included in Version

We recommend all our users take advantage of the new features and benefits.  For further information or questions please contact support.



HexaQuad Array Compatibility

The HexaQuad Array is a newly designed array with 24 individual reservoirs, allowing simultaneous execution of up to 24 unique experiments. It is available in both 100um and 200um formats. The software update allows the user to set custom parameters for imaging, cytometric analysis, and isolation for each reservoir within the HexaQuad Array.


Adaptive Scanning

During an “adaptive” Full Array Scan, the software acquires a z-stack at each field of view, uses brightfield contrast to determine the best focus individually for each CellRaft, and reconstructs the field from those best images, enhancing clarity overall.

Redesigned Array ID Creation and Loading

The character limit for array IDs has been increased from eight to twelve characters. A new “View List” option also allows the user to browse and select from a list of IDs present on the AIR System computer and any connected external hard drives.

Improved navigation. Polished visuals. Squashed bugs. Enhanced algorithms. Easier support.