Engineered T-Cell

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BioFlux is ideal for engineered T cell functional testing

Adoptive T cell immunotherapies such as CAR-T and TCR function by reaching their targets through a complex process that can involve interactions between multiple immune cell types and the target cells, as well as interactions between the immune cells themselves.

Modeling of this process, and ensuring that the engineered T cells have the desired functional properties, requires an in vitro model that can effectively mimic the physiological conditions in the human body. To achieve this, Cell Microsystems has developed the BioFlux “artery on a chip” systems that serve as effective platforms for these functional cell assays. These assays are designed to assess the cell trafficking process, including homing, adhesion, avidity, and transmigration, and serve as the ideal platform for functional testing of engineered T cell therapies such as CAR-T and TCR.


Key Bioflux Advantages For Engineered T-Cell Development