Cell Seeding Optimization for Low Input Samples on the CellRaft® Technology

One of the benefits of the CellRaft Technology is the isolation and recovery of single cells even from low cell titer samples. This RaftNote describes a new cell seeding insert that significantly increases the number of cells available for isolation when low cell titer samples are used. The CellRaft Array; Array was designed with a border to work with the automated collection feature of the CellRaft AIR® System.

The cell seeding insert occludes this border during the cell seeding step and was shown to increase from 22% to 79% the number of cells available for single cell isolation in a 500 cell sample. The RaftNote also demonstrates the use of the cell seeding insert with more standard cell titers of 3,000 and 10,000 cells, which exhibit high percentages of single cell availability. It is recommended that when working with samples with a low cell titer, the CellRaft™ cell seeding insert is used to improve the percentage of single cells available for isolation.

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