Imaging and Isolation of Non-adherent Single Cells on the CellRaft AIR® System

This RaftNote is intended to serve as general guidance to users of non-adherent cell types and to provide protocols for users to independently evaluate their specific non-adherent cells and other workflow steps on the CellRaft Technology. Research involving non-adherent cells such as lymphocytes and other primary blood cells is immensely important for applications including drug discovery, cell therapy, and immunology. Non-adherent cells are also of interest in understanding the activity of the Cas9 nuclease, as transfection of these cells is highly variable and inefficient. To enable the use of the CytoSort® Array with non-adherent cell lines, we investigated seven common surface coatings and developed recommended protocols. Each coating was tested for the percentage of cells that remained adherent after vigorous rinsing of the array and release and transfer operations into a 96 well plate on the AIR® System. While different coatings exhibited variation in cell retention with different cell lines, none of the surface coatings had a significant effect on CellRaft collection efficiency.