Stem Cells

A better way to handle sensitive cells

Providing an ideal approach to gently isolate single iPSCs or hESCs and generate precious cell lines. 

Streamline your cell line development process:

  • Validate single cell from cell seeding. 
  • Reduce cellular perturbations and spontaneous differentiation.  
  • Avoid limited dilution series.
  • Verify clonality in less time.
  • Decrease required hands-on time.
  • Use ONE consumable.


Cells share and enrich a common culture media while remaining singular and isolated.  This contiguous media approach is much more favorable and dramatically increases cell viability (compared to FACS into a 96-well culture plate). 


How It Works

Stem cells are notoriously difficult to handle.  They don’t like to be alone and are quick to react to any perturbations.  With the CellRaft AIR® System, cells plated on the CytoSort® Array share a common culture media, allowing them to continue to signal each other and share kinases and growth factors.

The array is placed and stored in the AIR Imaging platform to limit disturbances.  The array is screened and undifferentiated single cell targets identified from Day 0.  Individual cells can grow and expand to the desired colony size in the CytoSort array.  Colony growth is visually tracked using the imaging capabilities of the AIR System, allowing the user to easily track back to ensure clonality.  This limits the amount of array movement and hands-on time.

Target colonies are gently released from the CytoSort array and moved to a standard size collection plate for further expansion and downstream analysis.

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