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CellRaft AIR® System

The CellRaft AIR System  enables workflows to image, identify, and isolate viable single cells or clonal colonies.

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CRISPR & Cell Line Development

The CellRaft AIR System is a fully automated and hands-free imaging and isolation solution for limiting manual screening and cell manipulation efforts. 

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Eliminate doublets and debris by automated selection of the best single cells that maintain their native phenotype for downstream genomic analysis. 

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The CellRaft Technology with 3D capabilities offers a solution with a fully automated imaging, analysis, and isolation workfl ow for organoid culture.

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Stem Cells

The CellRaft AIR System’s Stem Cell Workflow can eliminate expensive additives and provide greater yields to accelerate the path to drug discovery and new therapies. 

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Accelerate your research by collapsing labor-intensive workflows onto the automated CellRaft AIR system.

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Tracking and traceability is critical for CROs. Using brightfield microscopy, the CellRaft AIR System identifies single cells and serially images over time to capture complete growth records of clonal development.

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RaftNotes are publications specifically for AIR System users that features application updates and product notes.

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