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What the big companies DON'T want you to know?

Traditional cell culture methods often require multiple dishes, plates, or flasks, resulting in a substantial amount of plastic waste. CellRaft® Technology minimizes the use of these consumables by isolating and culturing individual cells on rafts (CellRaft® Arrays).

Incorporating CellRaft Technology into your cell culture workflow reduces costs associated with media and plastics, improves experimental efficiency, and enables optimal resource utilization while ensuring high-quality results. This eco-friendly approach promotes sustainable laboratory practices and contributes to a greener environment.

More Yield – Less Resources
(save on labor, time, media, and plastic)

Using one CellRaft Array, grew 2,269 single cell-derived clones. To achieve the same number of possible clones, assuming limiting dilution at 10% efficiency, one would need:

  • 447 plates for cell seeding 
  • 854x the media
CellRaft Array vs LD

Reduce waste with CellRaft Technology