More Yield, Less Resources and Waste

Traditional cell culture methods often require multiple dishes, plates, or flasks, resulting in a substantial amount of plastic waste. CellRaft® Technology minimizes the use of these consumables by isolating and culturing individual cells on CellRaft Arrays.

CellRaft Array vs Limiting Dilution
CellRaft Technology
Limiting Dilution
Amount of Culture Media
5 mL
1738 mL
Monoclonal Colonies
2,710 (confirmed clones)
2,710 (unknown clonality)*
Cultureware Consumables
1 CellRaft Array
191 96-well plates
Amount of Extracellular Matrix
2 mL
869 mL
Hands-on Time
1 hour
100+ hours
CellRaft Array vs Limiting Dilution
CellRaft Array
Limiting Dilution
Clonal colonies
2,269 (confirmed clones)
2,269 (unconfirmed)*
Consumables for seeding cells
1 CellRaft Array
447 96-well plates
Amount of media
5 mL
4,269 mL

* Assuming limiting dilution at 10% efficiency.

What the Big Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Scientists discuss their frustration of limiting dilution’s labor-intensive process to generate viable monoclonal cell colonies and plastic waste.

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CellRaft Array’s eco-friendly approach promotes sustainable laboratory practices and contributes to a greener environment.

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