About Cell Microsystems

Making innovative tools that enable researchers to image, identify, and isolate viable single cells and clonal colonies

Researchers worldwide in the fields of CRISPR gene editing, oncology, stem cell biology, immunology and neurobiology use Cell Microsystems products, advancing sophisticated discovery across the life sciences.

The company’s CellRaft AIR® System addresses two widespread challenges facing scientists: the ability to actively select viable single cells or clonal colonies based on their phenotype, and match these cells to clonal expansion or molecular analyses. Cells are seeded, imaged, identified, and isolated on Cell Microsystem’s CellRaft® Arrays.

We have tested more than 100 Cell Lines with CellRaft Technology to demonstrate the high outgrowth efficiencies using our platform.

The company currently markets its products to researchers worldwide, and prides itself on being a customer-focused organization responsive to feedback and inspired to fuel deeper contributions to science.

Cell Microsystems is led by a talented team of life science professionals. Meet them here.

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