Revolutionize Your 3D Cell Culture:
Making the Impossible Possible

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3D Cell Culture Incubator and Bioreactor

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The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor offers a unique 3D cell culture technology to boost your organoid, spheroid, stem cell, and tissue research. This revolutionary instrument creates an optimal cell culture environment by monitoring and controlling temperature, pH and CO2 levels.

Why Choose CERO?

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CERO: Spheroid Formation of Edited iPSCs

Spheroids on Cero
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Cero's Key Features

Innovative Design 

Our patented bioreactor chambers are designed to facilitate the natural growth patterns of cells, allowing for nutrient flow and waste removal just as they would occur within a living organism. 

Versatility at Its Core 

Whether you’re conducting research in oncology, stem cells, or toxicology, CERO adapts to your needs. Its compatibility with numerous cell types and matrices makes it a universal tool for every laboratory. 

Seamless Integration 

CERO’s compact footprint and plug-and-play setup ensure that incorporating it into your lab is as straightforward as its operation. 

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Establishment and validation of the 3D cultivation system “CERO” for hepatic spheroids to study viral hepatitis
"CERO has changed the game in our tissue regeneration research. The ease of use and the quality of 3D cultures we obtain is unparalleled."
Dr. Maria Keller
Regenerative Medicine Expert
"Thanks to CERO, our lab has accelerated its research outcomes in oncology models. It’s truly a bioreactor that understands the needs of today’s scientists."
Prof. James H. Liu
Oncology Research Director

Ready to Elevate Your Research?

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  • Maintain a complete record of organoid growth over multiple time points
  • Perform on-array phenotypic assessment
  • Fully automate isolation of individual viable, intact organoids of interest
  • Generate customized 96-well plates for organoid-based assays such as clonal propagation, drug or toxicity screening, or target discovery
CRA Workflow

Transform Your Organoid Workflow: The CellRaft AIR® + CERO 3D.