Microbiology Applications

Antimicrobial Screening, Biofilm Formation, & Host-Pathogen Interactions

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Bacteria and fungi organized into biofilms are highly refractory to known antibiotics and biocides. To develop new solutions to combat biofilms, screening technologies must be designed to grow biofilms under conditions that represent an in vivo or in situ community while maintaining the ability to add and observe the effects of compounds.

BioFlux offers a comprehensive solution for running both fundamental biology assays as well as anti-microbial compound screens.


Oral Biofilms

Use saliva as media to replicate oral cavity for biofilm growth
lung biofilms

Lung Biofilms

Anti-biofilm drug discovery for treatment of pulmonary diseases
host pathogen

Host-Pathogen Interactions

Form fungal and bacterial biofilms on epithelial monolayers in vitro

Bacterial Chemotaxis

Explore influence of genetic and morphological factors on surface motility
mutant screens

Mutant Screens

Use controlled shear flow on knockout mutant biofilms under physiologically relevant conditions
med device infections

Medical Device Infections

PDMS and custom microfluidic plates mimic medical device infection environment
antimicrobial screening

Antimicrobial Screens

Analyze effectiveness of novel antimicrobials on biofilm growth under shear flow
adhesion strength

Adhesion Strength

Quantify biofilm adhesion and measure binding specificity in a microfluidic channel