Cellular Analysis

BioFlux System Upgrades

These upgrades will enhance and extend your BioFlux system operation.

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BioFlux Controller Options

Allows running the system with controlled gas (e.g., 5% CO2) rather than ambient. Ideal for long-term culture and for studying conditions such as hypoxia.
Allows 2 separate gas sources to be used to generate gas gradients or compare effects of different gas conditions on cell function.
Provides capability to mimic cardiovascular system flow.
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BioFlux Quattro

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Achieve even higher speed in drug development under shear stress. With the BioFlux Quattro HT Array system, you can accelerate lead optimization while preserving relevant physiological conditions. The BioFlux Quattro comprises a 4-plate array that connects to one BioFlux controller. With the Quattro you can obtain quadruple your efficiency and decrease your experiment time while still keeping the ability to image plates on virtually any high content system (HCS) or automated microscope.
BioFlux Quattro is well suited for high throughput assays in cardiovascular, cancer, anti-microbial and immunology research and drug development.