Software Demo

Download “Off The AIR” Software and Example Datasets

Demo data sets

Cell Microsystems offers the opportunity to see our “Off The AIR” software in action on your own desktop.

To see example data and test drive the software, you can download the software demo to your computer and view two example data sets.

Two example data sets are currently available, including:

“Demo1” demonstrates single cell detection and isolation with three channel fluorescence

    • Mouse 3T3 cells were stained in suspension with MitoTracker Red FM (500 nM, 30 minutes) then seeded and given ~ 2 hours to recover before formaldehyde fixation. They were then sequentially stained with Alexa Fluor 488 Phalloidin (5 units/mL, 30 minutes) and Hoechst 33342 (2 ug/mL, 30 minutes)
    • File size <0.3 GB

“TimeDemo” demonstrates time-course study over multiple days to visualize colony growth

    • HEK293 cells stably expressing GFP and RFP, no dyes used.
    • File size <2.0 GB

Software Updates

Learn about features and fixes in our latest software update.

Download Demo

Download instructions

  1. To download the software, you must first register
  2. You will be linked to a page to download the Off The Air Suite .zip folder [Compatible with Windows only.]
  3. This folder contains a fully functional version of “Off The Air” software offering a simulation for users to evaluate images and find cells or colonies of interest. The folder also contains the “AirDataSetManager” that facilitates the download of example data from the Cell Microsystems database. 
  4. Please see detailed operation instructions in the user manuals.


Demo with our team

Our sales team is happy to walk you through this process, and is available to answer questions during your demo as well. 

Please contact us through our contact form and a team member will reply shortly.