News Item: Cell Microsystems Announces Distribution Agreement with Bucher Biotec AG

Research Triangle, Durham, NC: Cell Microsystems, a developer of advanced research tools for single cell workflows, is pleased to announce it has entered into a distribution agreement with Bucher Biotec AG. The Swiss distribution company is known to represent some of the most innovative life science research instrumentation from companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.  

Cell Microsystem’s lead products, the CellRaft® AIR™ System and CellRaft™ Arrays, enable complex workflows to be performed on a single consumable, including clonal propagation of single cells for CRISPR gene editing, stem cell, 3D culture, cell-based assays, and genomics research. The System uses real-time on-array image analysis of single cell workflows under standard culture conditions resulting in unperturbed phenotypes, high viability, and efficient yields even with small, precious samples.

The agreement will expand Bucher Biotec’s portfolio while providing life science researchers in Switzerland better access to the CellRaft AIR System instrument, consumables, and support.  “Demand for the CellRaft AIR System has been increasing across European markets, particularly in Switzerland,” said Gary Pace, CEO at Cell Microsystems. “We are pleased to have Bucher Biotec as our exclusive distributor in Switzerland, which allows us to reach new customers abroad and expand our business in a post-COVID world.”

“Bucher Biotec focuses on bringing the best solutions to customers to improve their unique research workflows,” said Marc Bucher, CEO at Bucher Biotec. “The CellRaft AIR System addresses the needs of researchers to visualize their cells, track and trace their growth, and match them to downstream molecular analysis. We are excited to bring this System to our customers and the Swiss scientific community.”

Distribution of the CellRaft AIR System through Bucher Biotec began November 19, 2020.

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About Cell Microsystems: Cell Microsystems is an early growth stage company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products for single cell biology research.  The company prides itself on being customer-focused, responsive to feedback, and inspired to fuel deeper contributions to science.  The CellRaft AIR System and related consumables have been purchased by leading academic, government, and pharma research organizations in the US and Europe. 

About Bucher Biotec AG: Bucher Biotec AG is a privately held Swiss distributor company with a distinguished customer base in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, food, and related industries. The Bucher Biotec team has focused on serving the needs of life science research-oriented academic institutions, university hospitals, and industrial, governmental, clinical, and environmental labs.  

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