News Item: Cell Microsystems Partners with United BioChannels to Develop Commercial Strategy and Sales Execution

SAN DIEGO, CA and DURHAM, NC – Cell Microsystems, a developer of advanced research tools for single cell workflows, has partnered with United BioChannels (UBC), a leading brand management consultancy, to enhance Cell Microsystems’ marketing and sales capabilities. The agreement enables Cell Microsystems to leverage UBC’s expertise in strategic marketing to enhance its commercial positioning as well as UBC’s sales channels in the United States to expand its domestic reach and to grow its user base.

Cell Microsystems’ lead products, the CellRaft® AIR™ System and CellRaft™ Arrays, enable complex workflows to be performed on a single consumable, including clonal propagation of single cells for CRISPR gene editing, stem cell, 3D culture, cell-based assays, and genomics research. The System uses real-time on-array image analysis of single cell workflows under standard culture conditions resulting in unperturbed phenotypes, high viability, and efficient yields with a range of sample sizes.

“The partnership with United BioChannels means that we are able to deploy a seasoned team of marketing strategists and sales professionals to quickly grow Cell Microsystems’ commercial presence,” said Gary Pace, Cell Microsystems’ CEO. “We view UBC as a critical component of our growth strategy.”

Under the terms of the agreement, UBC will assume commercial leadership responsibility for Cell Microsystems’ portfolio and work with Company management to integrate its activities with distributors outside the US. UBC will rapidly deploy its US-based sales channels to execute on Cell Microsystems’ robust sales pipeline to meet the company’s revenue forecast for 2021 and beyond.

“Given the current COVID-related challenges, United BioChannels is perfectly positioned to help Cell Microsystems with our salesforce that can be deployed in a fraction of the time it takes to build and train an internal team. Our established expertise helping life science instrumentation and consumables companies makes our relationship with Cell Microsystems a logical fit for both companies,” said Monica Errico, Managing Director of UBC. “We look forward to helping drive Cell Microsystems to its commercial goals.”

About United BioChannels: United BioChannels is a life science brand management company providing full-service sales and marketing that de-risks the commercial process for companies and their investors. UBC consists of a consortium of independent commercial leaders with combined experience in strategic and tactical marketing, sales execution, and commercial positioning. UBC has worked with numerous international and domestic companies to help them establish their commercial strategy and reach their revenue targets. For more information, visit

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