News Item: Cell Microsystems recently raised $1.8 million to expand its commercial operations.

CEO Gary Pace, Ph.D., J.D., said that Cell Microsystems would use the funding to build out its commercial team with support and manufacturing personnel, as well as add sales managers for the West Coast and Northeast.
Last August, the company announced the first sale of the CellRaft AIR™ System, a proprietary automated imaging platform. When coupled with its CellRaft Array, the System enables high-efficiency sorting during real-time imaging and isolation of single cells under standard culture conditions resulting in unperturbed phenotypes and high viability. The System provides single cells for downstream analysis such as genomics or single cells for clonal propagation such as CRISPR gene editing or stem cell differentiation studies.
“We are seeing keen interest in and adoption of our products among academic, governmental, and pharmaceutical researchers, and believe there’s a significant commercial potential moving forward,” Pace said.

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