A Pharmacological Chaperoning Strategy to Restore Trafficking and Function of Pathogenic GABAA Receptors

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  • How reduced surface trafficking and loss of function of GABAA receptors is one major disease-causing mechanism for genetic epilepsies
  • How the proteostasis network orchestrates the folding, degradation, assembly, trafficking, and thus function of GABAA receptors
  • How adapting the proteostasis network pharmacologically can restore the surface expression and function of pathogenic GABAA receptors

About Fluxion and our Products:

Automated patch clamp (APC) systems have become indispensable tools for drug discovery programs by allowing high throughput electrophysiology‐based screening of ion channel compounds. The recent development and introduction of microfluidic‐based APC systems have made it possible to study the interactions of ligand‐gated ion channels with pharmacological reagents with reliable pharmacological results comparable to those of the gold‐standard manual patch clamp technique while maintaining high throughput capacity.

The IonFlux system is the first instrument of its kind to offer a scalable solution for automated electrophysiology. Our solution leads to flexibility and performance in high throughput patch clamp assays.

Check out our product page to learn more about IonFlux’s unprecedented speed, simplicity, and affordability—an ideal instrument for ligand-gated channel research.

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Dr. Tingwei Mu, PhD, Associate Professor Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
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