Accelerate the Use of iPSC-derived Organoids in Drug Discovery & Personal Medicine

Presented by Dr. Allysa Stern, Scientist II, Cell Microsystems

While the potential of iPSC-derived organoids in drug discovery and personalized medicine is undeniable, the existing workflows face challenges such as inefficiency, labor-intensive processes, and limitations concerning heterogeneity and throughput. Traditional organoid culture methods also pose difficulties in the downstream analysis of individual organoids.

Key Topics:
During this webinar, Dr. Stern will address these challenges and present innovative workflows aimed at enhancing the utility and reproducibility of iPSC-derived organoids.
• Attend this webinar to learn how to:
• Generate organoids, including clonal organoids, at scale.
• Monitor differentiation of iPSCs into organoids over time.
• Create custom assay plates of single organoids for downstream use.

This webinar recording is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into cutting-edge approaches for overcoming current limitations in iPSC-derived organoid workflows. It is followed by a Q & A session.

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Dr. Allysa Stern Scientist II, Product Applications Cell Microsystems
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