Application Notes: Cell Line Development of Sf9 Cells Overcoming Challenges and Bottlenecks

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is a versatile method for producing recombinant proteins in insects. However, single cell cloning, ideal for stable production cell lines, is challenging with Sf9 cells, causing bottlenecks in BEVS workflows.

These cells are sensitive to stressors like low seeding density and high sorting, leading to a reliance on polyclonal lines, which result in unstable cell lines and unreliable protein production. This application note reviews a proven, automated method for efficient single cell cloning of Sf9 cells, overcoming these limitations.

Questions this App Note Answers
1) What is the best way to obtain monoclonal populations of insect cells?
2) How can I increase protein production from insect cells?
3) How can I prove monoclonality of a cell line?


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