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BioFlux 1000z

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The fully customizable bioflux solution

The completely customizable BioFlux solution for ultimate imaging flexibility

Looking for the ultimate solution for imaging flexibility and capability? The BioFlux 1000z offers nearly unlimited flexibility with respect to microscope options, software analysis, and image capture. It provides a high content screening platform for running physiologically-relevant shear flow assays.
Fully customizable microscope 48/24/6 Well-plate format Montage integrated advanced control 24 Flow assays or 96 flow assays with Quattro User-defined cameras User-selected filter cubes Onstage incubator (optional enclosure) 10X & 20X included objectives, 6 positions
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Customer Spotlight

New Research from Flow Assays for Platelet Biology and Vascular Pharmacology

BioFlux was used in a new research studying the physio-pathological roles of platelets and the importance of their cell adhesion mechanisms for human health. This work suggests how the modeling of thrombus formation by flow assays in vitro may find important applications in vascular biology and drug discovery.