News Item: Cell Microsystems Acquires Fluxion Biosciences to Broaden Cell Analysis Product and Services Portfolio

Positions the Company as a new leader in providing solutions that bridge the gap between cellular electrophysiology and advanced analysis techniques

August 23, 2023 – Cell Microsystems, a provider of pioneering solutions for cell biology research, is excited to announce the acquisition of Fluxion Biosciences, a leader in automated patch clamp technology and cell-based assay tools. This acquisition complements the Company’s platforms and applications based on the CellRaft technology, enhancing its offerings for researchers and life science professionals worldwide.

With the acquisition of Fluxion Biosciences and their IonFlux, BioFlux, and IsoFlux products, Cell Microsystems adds to its portfolio to form a suite of innovative cell analysis solutions. The product expansion will further leverage the cell line development and rare cellular event isolation capabilities of Cell Microsystems by providing unique cell lines and an expanded set of applications for use on the IonFlux and BioFlux instrumentation.

“Bringing the products and services of Fluxion Biosciences into Cell Microsystems is a leap forward for us,” stated Gary Pace, CEO of Cell Microsystems. “This combination aligns with our commitment to empower researchers with the most advanced tools for in-depth cell line development and cellular research that drives progress in the life sciences.”

The IonFlux automated patch clamp technology broadens Cell Microsystems’ offerings, positioning the Company as a new leader in providing solutions that bridge the gap between cellular electrophysiology and advanced analysis techniques. In addition, the BioFlux system for live cell assays under physiological conditions complements the real-time image-based phenotyping and 3-D biology expertise of Cell Microsystems, and IsoFlux enhances the CellRaft AIR System’s rare cell event capabilities. Overall, the combination of the Fluxion and Cell Microsystems product lines offers researchers the tools needed for critical insights into various physiological processes.

Jeff Jensen, formerly CEO of Fluxion Biosciences, and his team will join Cell Microsystems. “We are excited to merge our efforts with Cell Microsystems,” commented Jeff. “Our shared vision of advancing cellular analysis tools will push the boundaries of cell behavior understanding, ultimately contributing to advancements in disease research and drug discovery.”

The acquisition was supported by a concurrent Series B financing led by Telegraph Hill Partners. The financing also provides significant growth capital for the business to make groundbreaking advancements in tools for cellular analysis. “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Cell Microsystems,” commented Deval Lashkari, Senior Partner at Telegraph Hill Partners. “The company’s dedication to advancing cellular analysis aligns with our investment strategy. We believe that Cell Microsystems is well poised to drive innovation and transform the field.”

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About Cell Microsystems:
Cell Microsystems’ lead products, the CellRaft AIR® System and CellRaft® Arrays, enable complex workflows to be performed on a single consumable, including clonal propagation of single cells for CRISPR gene editing, cell line development, stem cell studies, organoids, and other 3D cultures, cell-based assays, and genomics research. The System uses real-time on-array image analysis under standard culture conditions that enable single cells or clones to be independently isolated for additional culturing or downstream analysis. The System facilitates single cell workflows with unperturbed phenotypes, high viability, and efficient yields producing results with faster turnaround times for downstream analysis and richer datasets for discovery and translational research.

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