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Advance Your Research

Advance Your Research

Cell Line, Clone, & Organoid Growth and Isolation System

The CellRaft AIR® System is an integrated platform that uses proprietary technology to maintain cells in an unperturbed state, leading to improved viability of single cells, highly proliferative colonies, and superior clonal outgrowth, which provides a dramatic increase in the number of clones available for downstream applications. With the system, you can:

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Shear Flow System

The BioFlux Systems offer you the ability to introduce physiological shear flow to your research and drug discovery experiments, effectively emulating in vivo conditions and revealing the true biology.

3D Cell Culture & Bioreactor System

The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor offers a unique 3D cell culture technology to boost your organoid, spheroid, stem cell, and tissue research. This revolutionary instrument creates an optimal cell culture environment by monitoring and controlling temperature, pH and CO2 levels.


Automated Cell Counting & Analysis

The CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer is at the forefront of cellular analysis technology, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Designed for the demanding needs of modern laboratories, this state-of-the-art instrument provides accurate, reliable, and rapid cell counting and analysis, enabling scientists to focus on groundbreaking research and results.

Tissue Grinder and Dissociator

The TIGR Tissue Grinder and Dissociator is a novel semi-automated tissue dissociation system. Gentle mechanical dissociation yields high quality single cells in a fast and reproducible manner to facilitate single cell analysis workflows.

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Automated Patch Clamp System

IonFlux Mercury systems offer scalable solutions for automated electrophysiology, providing 16 to 256 parallel channel recordings. Providing one of the lowest costs per data point, well-plate simplicity, user-friendly software, and a space-saving footprint, IonFlux Mercury systems are ready to meet all of your ion channel research and drug discovery needs.