Eliminate the pressure of cell sorting

CellRaft® Technology helps scientists overcome the limitations of current technologies for cell sorting, single cell cloning, growing organoids, and isolation, providing significant cost-savings, increased viability, and high outgrowth.

Culture more cells. Save time and money.

Customer Labs Who Have Cited CellRaft Technology

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CellRaft AIR® System

Empowering the generation and automated isolation of monoclonal colonies from single cells.

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What Customers Say About CellRaft Technology

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CellRaft® Arrays

Viable cells, unperturbed phenotypes, better clonal propagation.

Confluent Colonies
(>50% confluent 10 days post-seeding)
Limiting Dilution
CellRaft Technology

No more limiting dilution. Grow more colonies. Save time and money.

CellRaft Technology offers an affordable, automated solution to an otherwise labor-intensive workflow while maintaining cell health, providing time-course imaging for clonal verification, and delivering automated isolation of cells, colonies or organoids.

Development of Monoclonal Cell Lines - Available Technologies and Overcoming Challenges

Have you ever wondered what impacts the viability and survival rate of your clones after a single cell cloning protocol? This white paper provides an overview of current methods for creating monoclonal lines from single cells and discusses the challenges and tips on how to overcome them.