Unparalleled Single Cell Workflows

Generate more monoclonal colonies from single cells, faster with less effort


Stem Cells

A gentle way to handle sensitive cells

Improving viability, clonality, & efficiency on a single consumable

Fast, effective, and gentle to maintain native expression profiles


Simple workflow for a novel and powerful technology 

Empowering the Generation and Automated Isolation of
Monoclonal Colonies from Single Cells

The CellRaft AIR® System uses proprietary CellRaft Technology and CellRaft® Arrays (formerly CytoSort® Arrays) to keep cells viable using a contiguous media environment leading to an increase in the number of colonies from single cells that can be isolated. With the instrument you can:

  • image, track, analyze, and automate isolation of colonies from single cells on one instrument (three-color and brightfield) with no minimum sample size requirement
  • grow single cells without physically isolating cells thus no perturbation to ensure viability and vitality of single cells as they develop into clones
  • obtain 10 to 50X more viable monoclonal colonies with a high proliferative index (vitality)
  • identify the cells you want the instrument to automatically isolate based on various precise user-based attributes as a function of gene expression-morphology and time using the CellRaft Cytometry™ software
  • grow colonies from primary, adherent, or suspension cells, including iPSCs and immune cells
  • grow iPSCs into 3D cell systems, including organoids
  • maintain a complete record of all clones to accelerate regulatory submissions

CellRaft® Array

Together with the CellRaft AIR System, CellRaft Arrays gently sort cells, resulting in cells that are highly viable with unperturbed phenotypes.

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