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The Evolution of Single Cell Isolation and Recovery

Automate and Integrate Your Single Cell Isolation and Recovery - The AIR™ System
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Stay up-to-date on our current research, hear how our CellRaft technology is being applied, and learn more about the CellRaft AIR System by watching our on-demand webinars.
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“Off The Air” Software Demo

See our software in action on your own desktop. View example data and test drive the software with two example data sets.

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Automated Cloning for CRISPR Workflows

In our latest edition of RaftNotes we describe how the CellRaftAIR System can be used as a fully automated cloning platform. Automate your post-transformation cloning efforts and generate clonal colonies in 4-5 days.

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New Methods for CRISPR Cell Line Development and Screening

Cloning cells after gene editing is a labor-intensive process. See how the CellRaft AIR System provides an imaging-based workflow which supports single cell viability and allows clonal colony growth in days instead of months.

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