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How the CellRaft Technology Works

The Evolution of Single Cell Isolation and Recovery

Automate and Integrate Your Single Cell Isolation and Recovery - The AIR™ System
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Webinar on CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing using the CellRaft AIR™ System

Methods of using the CellRaft Technology for gene editing including image-based sorting and clonal propagation of single transfected cells
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The CellRaft™ Technology

A cost-effective way to isolate and recover single cells for molecular analysis or the generation of clonal populations.

CellRaft™AIR™ System

The CytoSort Array is specifically designed to work with the AIR System to provide optimal automated isolation and recovery of single cells.

The QIAscout System from QIAGEN  and the legacy CellRaft Arrays from Cell Microsystems are not compatible with the AIR System, its consumables, and components.

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Culture, Imaging and Isolation of Cells and Colonies using the CytoSort Array with the AIR™ System

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