News Item: Cell Microsystems Announces New Website with Online Ordering

Cell Microsystems is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at The new site offers the ability to shop and order consumables with customer accounts and enables credit card payments.  Users of the site can also easily navigate through the latest research and applications, and quickly access product information, sales, and tech support.

Consumables available for purchase on the website include Cell Microsystems’ CellRaft™ Array single reservoir, quad reservoir, and recently released HexaQuad™ reservoir.

The CellRaft HexaQuad Array has 24 reservoirs in a standard SBS format, making the array ideal for high throughput CRISPR screen, clonal expansion, colony selection, and on-array functional assays and dosing studies. Like the single and quad reservoirs, the CellRaft HexaQuad comes in two sizes: 100 x 100 and 200 x 200 micron microwells.

“Our new website allows us to re-introduce our Company, products, and technology to existing and potential customers” said Gary Pace, CEO.  “We will continue to update the website to provide new information and resources for our users.”

Other features of the website include:

  • Exploration of product applications in CRISPR, Stem Cells, Organoids, and Genomics
  • An “Off the Air” software demo and example datasets to download and test our proprietary software on your own desktop
  • The latest Papers, Publications, and RaftNotes, demonstrating real-world applications of products based on CellRaft™ Technology

To view the new Cell Microsystems website, visit