News Item: Cell Microsystems Offers Unique Prize – Clones Grown from Difficult Cell Lines

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2022 / — Cell Microsystems Inc., a developer and manufacturer of innovative products for single cell workflows, announced today that it will select 10 applicants to submit cells for which they have had challenges developing monoclonal cell lines. From the cells submitted, Cell Microsystems will use their unique CellRaft® Technology to grow clones to send back to the chosen applicants.

Single cell workflows are a hot topic in scientific research. The ability to generate monoclonal cell colonies is essential for developing cell lines, producing recombinant proteins and antibodies, and genetically engineering and cloning stem cells, which aid in the disease modeling, drug screening, and developing new therapeutics and personalized medicine.  Unfortunately, a key challenge in these workflows is one of the very first steps required – single cell isolation and monoclonal expansion.

Cell Microsystems has had success using its proprietary CellRaft Technology on a variety of difficult cell lines, giving researchers confidence in the technology’s ability to grow colonies from single cells. One example is of that of a researcher who tried unsuccessfully for a year to generate monoclonal colonies from their cell line. They submitted the cells to Cell Microsystems who used CellRaft Technology to generate over 100 clones, sending the scientist 10 clones. In two weeks, the scientist confirmed a prized double-positive clone.

“We see researchers struggling to generate monoclonal colonies from single cells in many important research areas and want to offer our scientific resources and technology to help achieve their goals,” said Gary Pace, CEO at Cell Microsystems.

Selected applicants will receive:
– 5 verified clones of the desired phenotype
– Complete imaging record in brightfield and/or fluorescence
– Full data report on single cell clone formation and colony outgrowth

The deadline for entry is October 14, 2022.

More details and the application form are available at

View the official press release.