Sf9 Single-Cell Cloning for Recombinant Protein Production Is Possible with CellRaft Technology

sf9 Poster

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is a versatile method for producing recombinant proteins in insects. However, single cell cloning, ideal for stable production cell lines, is challenging with Sf9 cells, causing bottlenecks in BEVS workflows. These cells are sensitive to stressors like low seeding density and high sorting, leading to a reliance on polyclonal […]

Growing Mature Biofilms for Antimicrobial Screening, Host-pathogen Interactions, and Adhesion

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Biofilm assays, such as compound screening and host-pathogen interaction assessment, are often conducted in microtiter plates. Despite their throughput and convenience, biofilms grown in well-plates do not fully mature, thereby reducing the quality and relevance of higher content biofilm data, including morphology, compound penetration, and analysis of mixed species biofilm interactions. Here, we present the […]

A NOVEL METHOD for Live Staining, Imaging, and Clonal Isolation of 2D & 3D Cellular Systems

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Traditionally, the ‘go-to’ method for isolating fluorescently labeled cells has been through FACS—a slow, tedious process requiring a high level of skill. As outlined in this poster, the CellRaft AIR System overcomes these challenges, enabling you to fluorescently stain and characterize thousands of cells while maintaining them in a healthy state. Your population of interest […]