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CytoSort® Array

The CytoSort Array is for use with the CellRaft AIR® System and the CellRaft® System for Inverted Microscopes. The User Manual describes the features and methods of use for single cell screening, isolation, and retrieval using CellRaft™ Technology.

June 2021

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CellRaft AIR® System

The User Manual describes the features and methods for using the CellRaft AIR System to image, isolate, and retrieve single cells. The manual includes detailed descriptions of the hardware and software components of the instrument, including User Navigation and Selection Mode, Cytometric Image Analysis Mode, and the Off-the-AIR desktop client software to analyze data and images on your own computer.

June 2021

Download  the AIR System User Manual

CellRaft® System for Inverted Microscopes

The CellRaft® System for Inverted Microscopes and its associated consumables – the CytoSort® Arrays – provide a cost-effective method to isolate and recover single cells for direct analysis or for the generation of clonal populations. The User Manual describes the setup and use of the CellRaft System for Inverted Microscopes.

February 2021

Download the CellRaft AIR System for Inverted Microscopes User Manual

CellRaft AIR® System Needle Calibration with the CytoSort® Calibration Array

The CytoSort Calibration Array provides a means for a CellRaft AIR System user to calibrate its needle alignment as part of a routine maintenance schedule, when the system is visibly mis-aligned, or after the release needle is replaced. The User Manual describes the proper preparation of the CytoSort Calibration Array, instructions to recalibrate the CellRaft AIR System using new features in its software, and troubleshooting for the array and calibration process.

October 2021

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Release Needle Replacement

The User Manual provides detailed instructions for a CellRaft AIR System user to replace the system’s release needle assembly in the event of damage to the needle tip. New features in the AIR System software are designed to facilitate replacement.

September 2021

Download  the Release Needle Replacement User Manual

CytoSort® Array Adapter Plate

The CytoSort Array Adapter Plate in the CellRaft AIR System Accessory Kit has been redesigned to accommodate all 65-mm diameter CytoSort Arrays and facilitate array insertion and removal. The User Manual provides recommendations regarding finger placement and array orientation during proper array loading and unloading.

September 2021

Download the CytoSort Array Adapter Plate User Manual


Coating CytoSort® Arrays with Poly-D-Lysine

August 2021

Download the protocol

Cell Line Characterization on CytoSort® Arrays 

August 2021

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